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Luv-A-Wash is pleased to be one of the first SpinLite® car washes in Florida! Visit our flagship Naples, Florida car wash.

Spinlite® is a better way to wash cars in Naples, Florida!. Traditional equipment whips the car with thin strand of material at high speed delivering mixed results and creating a greater chance of vehicle damage.

Our state of the art SpinLite equipment utilize a self supporting design that allows the wash material to spin at 1/3 the speed of other wash systems resulting in 4 times the touch to deliver a cleaner, shinier finish.

Spinlite® also has a unique feature that allows us to confirm your wash package throughout the wash process using LED lights mounted in and on our equipment ensuring you receive the services you have paid for. When you select a wash it will represent a color that will follow you from the menu board at the payment kiosk until you are through the dryers.

Luv A Wash car wash is conveniently located off of Pine Ridge Road in Naples, Florida.

1635 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, Florida